Ella Fund

Helping you build a rainy day fund

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Ella Fund turns your grocery savings, into emergency savings

Emergencies happen, but finding money to save for them can be hard. 

Ella Fund is a new app that aims to help you save money while shopping. We partner with grocery stores so that all the money you save doing your everyday shopping doesn't just fall through the cracks! Instead, those 'savings' are moved to your new Ella Fund account, where they stay safe until you need them for a rainy day.


Here's How it Works

Sign Up

First, set up your Ella Fund savings account and link the loyalty cards to all of your favorite stores

Shop at your favorite stores

Go shopping as usual! At the register, all of the discounts you find in store are added together, and the total money saved is transferred to your Ella Fund. 


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Watch your savings grow!

Get monthly reports on how much you've saved. Rewards or small cash prizes will be given to those who manage to consistently add to their Ella Fund




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